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I am scheduled to have breast surgery. When do I come to see you?2020-10-28T22:19:46-04:00

Right away! Let’s get acquainted and discuss product options and availability.

How soon after surgery can I be fitted for a prosthesis?2020-10-28T22:20:22-04:00

6-8 weeks is recommended, depending on the treatments that will follow.

Do I need to schedule an appointment or can I just walk in?2020-10-28T22:20:34-04:00

It is best to schedule an appointment so we can take the time to decide on the appropriate garments and prosthesis to suit your style, however walk ins are always welcome.

Is there total confidentiality and privacy?2020-10-28T22:20:48-04:00

Absolutely! There are two private fitting rooms and all client files are in a locked cabinet.

How long does it take for my order of a prosthesis to come in?2020-10-28T22:21:01-04:00

The Nu Me Boutique takes a great deal of pride in the inventory that is carried. There are four different product lines with bras ranging in size from 32AA up to 46DD and prosthesis from size 0 up to size 14.

Is there any Government financial assistance?2020-10-28T22:21:15-04:00

The Assistive Devices Program funded by the Ministry of Health will pay $195.00 towards a full breast form.

How long does a prosthesis last? Is there a warranty?2020-10-28T22:21:27-04:00

There is a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on all breast forms.

I grew up with one breast larger than the other and there is quite a noticeable difference. Do you have a product that would help even things up?2020-10-28T22:21:42-04:00

There are partial forms that fit over the breast to provide better symmetry. The partials are also covered by the Government program and manufacturer’s warranty.

Can a person who has not had mastectomy surgery wear your products?2020-10-28T22:22:02-04:00

Yes of course!

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