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 Breast Prosthesis (also called a breast form)
By Amoena, TruLife and American Breast Care provide a natural look and movement, a balanced and secure fit. Also available are lighter weight forms that are beneficial for women with a large bust, medical conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis or for women who have been diagnosed with lymphedema following their breast surgery. Lightweight forms are also ideal for sports and swimming.

 Contact Breast Forms
Breast Forms that attach to the skin and move with the body are available by special order. The pearls attach directly to the chest wall and do not require a pocketed bra.

 Symmetry Shapers
Made of soft silicone are worn inside a regular or pocketed bra to compensate for breast tissue removal (lumpectomy) or following reconstruction where achieving symmetry is not always possible. Symmetry shapers are curved to match the body shape and can help you appear symmetrical in your bra and clothing.

 Leisure Forms
Made of lightweight foam are ideal for providing shape and balance during the initial healing period when a silicone prosthesis might not yet be suitable. Leisure forms are also ideal for sports and swimming.

 Mastectomy Bras
Essential to choosing the right breast form. A Certified Fitter with 18 years experience is available to measure and help you choose the breast form best suited to you by starting with a properly fitted pocketed bra to determine breast shape and size. A properly fitted bra will let you feel secure and comfortable. Sports bras are also available with pockets to provide security and freedom of movement when engaging in sports or working out.

 Post Surgical Camisoles
Made of the softest and most comfortable materials infused with microcapsules of Vitaman E and Aloe to promote healing and comfort. There are two removable and repositionable drain pouches attached to provide security and convenience following surgery.

Pocketed to securely hold a breast form is available in sizes 6 to 26. A wide selection of styles are available year round for going on your dream cruise or looking great at your community pool.

 Compression Garments
For Lymphedema are available in ready to wear product and custom made garments. A Certified Custom Fitter with 18 years experience is available to measure and help you choose the product best suited to you. The Nu Me Boutique is a registered ADP (Assistive Devices Program) vendor. The Certified Fitter will meet with you to discuss your concerns and get a clear picture of your individual needs.

Ready to wear and custom made stockings are also available for compression therapy and treatment of varicose veins, venous insufficiency and edema (swelling of the ankles)