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What is Lymphedema?

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 Lymphedema (pronounced lim-fa-DEE-ma)

Lymphedema is an accumulation of protein rich fluid causing swelling to occur most commonly in the arms, but can also occur in the legs, head, neck, trunk or genitals. The lymphatic system is the body’s filtration system and works in conjunction with the circulatory system. It functions by filtering the clear fluid called lymph, filtering the blood and providing immune cells to the body which fight infection. The fluids, proteins and toxins that are removed from the skin layers and subcutaneous tissues are routed by lymph nodes. When lymph nodes have been damaged or removed lymph cannot drain normally and excess fluid builds up and results in swelling.

Primary Lymphedema is caused by the lymphatic system being overwhelmed causing edema to occur and is often genetic in origin.

Secondary Lymphedema can be a result of surgery, radiation, infection or trauma. It is not life threatening but can occur immediately after surgery, or months, even years after cancer treatments. Although lymphedma is not curable, with early recognition and proper care lymphedema can be kept under control.

 Compression Garments
For Lymphedema are available in ready to wear product and custom made garments. A Certified Custom Fitter with 18 years experience is available to measure and help you choose the product best suited to you. The Nu Me Boutique is a registered ADP (Assistive Devices Program) vendor. The Certified Fitter will meet with you to discuss your concerns and get a clear picture of your individual needs.

Ready to wear and custom made stockings are also available for compression therapy and treatment of varicose veins, venous insufficiency and edema (swelling of the ankles)